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Oil heat in Halifax, MA

Carey’s Oil, Carey’s Discount Oil has been servicing the residents of Halifax for over 80 years.  Halifax is a suburb of Boston became a town in 1734 formed from parts of Middleboro, Plympton and Pembroke.  Now nearly 300 years old it is a bustling bedroom community. Halifax is our Home and heating oil for Halifax is our story. 

Oil heat uses #2 fuel oil and is a product that remains in high demand due to a growing population, the age of the town and therefore the age of the buildings both commercial and residential.  Oil heating systems are much more efficient than ever and are exceptionally clean burning which allows the burners and boilers to last longer than they did back when soot and smoke were an accepted byproduct of the burning process.  Heating Oil Halifax and fuel oil Halifax.


Halifax is home to roughly 8,500 residents spread across nearly 3,000 households, meaning there are plenty of Oil using Halifax residents in need of our discounted prompt service.  Oil delivery for both commercial and residential need

Due to the advanced age of the these homes and commercial businesses, the inherent need to upgrade to High-Efficiency burners and boilers is  these communities is and will remain an ongoing process in great demand. 

The speed of growth brought high demand for both oil and services in these communities is and will remain an ongoing challenge process in high demand as buildings continue to age.

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